Prairie Lakes Healthcare System
Danielle T. Byer, Class of 2005

An internship at Prairie Lakes Healthcare System’s marketing department provides an educational environment for anyone interested in pursuing a career in marketing for a healthcare organization. Prairie Lakes Healthcare System, originating in Watertown, South Dakota, is an 81-bed hospital providing "Personal Care, Progressive Medicine" to a 75,000-person service area. My site supervisor, Paige Gors Linngren, and other members of the department, trusted me to work on projects independently and supported my work. The variety of projects enabled me to experience many different aspects of healthcare marketing. Through developing brochures, press releases, letters, and marketing plans, I learned about research, development, communications, and writing. The department staff was excellent at explaining tasks and suggesting revisions with positive criticism.

I accompanied Paige to many different meetings, which helped me better understand the different tasks involved in healthcare marketing. The spectrum of assignments let me network with individuals throughout the hospital. I would strongly recommend this internship to students who enjoy working independently on tasks that require researching, writing, and creative problem solving.