This window contains FIVE summaries of internships at RSM McGladrey, Inc.

Brenin Molden (Class of 2009) Throughout the Spring Semester of 2009 I completed an internship with RSM McGladrey.  RSM McGladrey is an accounting firm that specializes in tax preparation and financial advising in Sioux Falls.  The internship was great as it tied knowledge from the classroom to real world applications.  RSM McGladrey offered a very “hands on” environment with the staff giving me a variety of projects to work on.  I prepared a variety of tax returns during the tax season and participated in the day to day activities of a public accounting firm.  During the internship I had a lot of questions regarding tax law and the staff was always very wiling to help me along and answered any questions I had. The entire office was helpful in making this internship rewarding and successful.  I would highly recommend an internship with RSM McGladrey as it gave me an inside look into the accounting profession.

Ryan King (Class of 2006) An internship is a learning experience. An RSM McGladrey internship provides just that. With a more-than-helpful staff, there was always someone to answer a question or lead me in the right direction. Excellent training is provided to help you transition into real client work. At RSM McGladrey, the atmosphere was easy going yet fast-paced. Everyday seemed to fly by because of the constant challenge they provided.

Kelli Johnson (Class of 2007) My internship experience was completed at RSM McGladrey, Inc. I had an amazing time during my internship. I feel like I’ve learned more about public accounting in these two short months than during my past three years in accounting classes. That said, I do feel that my classes at Augustana thoroughly prepared me for the projects and challenges of my internship. As an intern at McGladery I worked on a variety of projects including both tax research and tax preparation. McGladrey gives interns a chance to actually work on tax preparation to get a feel for what a career in public accounting would be like. In addition, the staff at RSM McGladrey was incredibly open to answering questions (which I had a lot of) and helped to make my internship an overall wonderful experience.

Meghan Bratlie (Class of 2006) I would recommend an internship at RSM McGladrey, Inc. You are exposed to a wide variety of activities. Interns get hands-on experience in the tax field by working on tax return preparation, tax research, and other various activities. Interning at RSM McGladrey, Inc. allows you to gain real world experience in the accounting field. All the people at RSM McGladrey are very knowledgeable and willing to answer questions and help you in any way they can. They provide a relaxed, open and welcoming environment.

Dustin A. Flatten (Class of 2004) A tax internship at RSM McGladrey, Inc. allows students to experience a wide array of activities. Through tax return preparation, tax research, and other various activities, interns experience valuable hands-on-training. An internship with RSM McGladrey, Inc. allows students to gain real-world experience, while contributing to the success of the firm. An internship at RSM McGladrey, Inc. is the ultimate conclusion to a college education.