This window contains TWO summaries of internships at the Small Business Administration.

Jeremy Huber (Class of 2008) My internship with the Small Business Administration (SBA) through Augustana College was a great experience that gave me the opportunity to gain hands-on management and marketing experience. I was able to manage a promotional campaign to increase awareness about the SBA. I was immersed in an atmosphere that was geared toward entrepreneurship. There was not a day that went by that I didn’t either interact with a start-up business or work to better an existing business. I was even fortunate enough to sit in on a subcommittee with the mayor’s chief of staff, our County Commissioner, the President of the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce, and Minnehaha County’s Human Service Director. I know this internship is a pivotal stepping stone in my career path, whether it be working for a company or starting my own business.

Julia Grams, (Class of 2008) The SBA provided a good mix of tasks for an intern. I got to do everything from taking on large projects to making copies. They tried to make sure I got a first hand look at what it is like working for the government. They also made an effort to make sure that I got an educational benefit from projects and meetings. There was some down time when they didn’t have a lot for me to do. It is the kind of internship where you need to make the initiative to take on projects. I think it would be a good opportunity for anyone interested in working for the government or the financial side of business.