This window contains THREE summaries of internships with the Sioux Falls office of the South Dakota Small Business Development Center

Dan Bonk (Class of 2004) Participating in an internship was one of my most meaningful and worthwhile experiences as an undergraduate student. Through the internship experience, I gained an abundance of knowledge and insight that could not have occurred in the classroom. I was an intern for the Sioux Falls Small Business Development Center, and I definitely have no regrets in choosing the SBDC to be my organization of choice. One of the really nice things about interning at the SBDC is the importance of work that you are doing. Unlike other internships, where you could be an "envelope stuffer," the people at SBDC allow you to take an active role in the important business dealings of the establishment. Another reason that I feel the SBDC provides a wonderful place to fulfill an internship is because they deal with all aspects of a business, which in turn provides the intern with the ability to gain knowledge and experience in a variety of different facets of the business spectrum. Being an intern at the Sioux Falls Small Business Development Center was a wonderful experience for me, and I would highly recommend it as a place of internship. The people at the SBDC are very intelligent, accommodating, and friendly, and this made for a stimulating and comfortable internship experience. While working with Rey Gonzales as my mentor, one of the big things that I learned a lot about was how to maximize the client/consultant relationship through tremendous people skills. Through observation, active learning, and involvement, I gained a ton of experience and knowledge in dealing with the financial aspect of business, as well as marketing, management, accounting, taxes, economics, and any other piece of the business puzzle imaginable. I definitely appreciated my internship experience, for I feel there are things that can be learned through real-world, hands-on experience that cannot be taught in a classroom or read in a book.

Katherine Johnson (Class of 2002) The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is located in the Non-Profit Center in Sioux Falls. It is one of six offices located in South Dakota and it shares its office with the Business Information Center (BIC) and the Service Corp of Retired Executives (SCORE). The SBDC works with people wishing to start, expand, buy/sell, or improve a small business. Services provided to entrepreneurs include financial analysis, business plan assistance, business valuations, loan packaging, business marketing as well as basic business consulting. An internship with SBDC allows you to see every aspect that goes into creating and running a small business. You work directly with clients' financial information to create projections and various other spreadsheets to give clients an idea of where they’re at, how they can expand, or what they need to do to improve the performance of their business. You work in a small, relaxed office setting with about 5 people. I had a great time at SBDC, the people were fun to work with and it tied everything I’ve learned in the last four years together. I would recommend SBDC to anyone interested in small business.

Emily Brown (Class of 2003) The Small Business Development Center provides consulting services and training to individuals starting or expanding a business. An SBDC intern has the opportunity to create business plans, marketing plans, financial documents and loan scenarios. The intern will be given the opportunity to utilize skills learned by consulting clients themselves. The intern will also be able to take part in a new program, a branch off the SBDC called the Measurable Management Initiative, which creates measurable improvements resulting in more efficiency and productivity in organizations of all sizes across the U.S. The intern will attend progress meetings, assist in planning seminars and creating advertising pieces for the program. This internship was an excellent and enjoyable learning experience. The "real world" experience taught me more than just academic information; it showed me how easy it can be to help other people accomplish their dream of starting a small business.