Sioux Falls Arena
Nikki Huffman, Class of 2005

This internship provides for hands-on experience in the marketing, planning and coordinating of events, including the Argus Leader RibFest. While the primary focus is geared towards the production of this large event, the intern also benefits from working with other events that SMG is hosting and producing. From the Harlem Globetrotters to the Gaither Homecoming Concert, I was able to work on and voice my opinion on everyday decisions that affected these events. In addition, virtually every detail of RibFest was decided by my internship supervisor and myself. The excitement of being able to see everything come together for this highly anticipated event is something I am looking forward to. The diversity of this internship was what kept me going and looking forward to going to work everyday. No day was ever the same, and having the opportunity to work with great people in bringing great entertainment to town was a feeling nothing else could match. This internship was an excellent way for me to see if event marketing was the area that I wish to pursue. This experience confirmed that it indeed is.