This window contains THREE summaries of internships with the Sioux Falls Canaries. [In 2010, new ownership acquired the Canaries and renamed the team the Sioux Falls Pheasants]

Ryan Kessinger (Class of 2008) The Canaries are a semi-professional baseball team located in Sioux Falls, SD. During my internship, I was able to participate in several different aspects of business, such as: Sales, customer service, and promotions as well as other general business practices. During my time with the Canaries, I learned they particularly stress the idea that "Fun is Good," which is the foundation of their mission statement. They are always trying to promote this idea, which helps in attracting families out to all of the different events offered by the Canaries. Also, I learned that the Canaries are much than just a baseball team. They offer group outings, picnics and concerts at the stadium or "Birdcage." I enjoyed my time working with the Canaries. The employees were very easy to work with and it was just a great overall atmosphere and experience. I strongly encourage other Augustana students to intern with the Canaries in the future.

Erin Kohles (Class of 2008) My internship with the Sioux Falls Canaries baseball team was an amazing learning experience. I worked for the promotions department, creating and organizing on-field promotions, games, and events. I had the opportunity to work with sponsors and build solid relationships that will help me when I am pursuing a job after graduation.  I wouldstrongly recommend an internship with the Canaries to anyone who is willing to put in a summer of hard work, long hours, but also many hours of fun.

Josh Emmerich (Class of 2006) My internship experience with the Sioux Falls Canaries was a once in a lifetime experience. I spent the summer of 2005 as the clubhouse manager for the Canaries. Not only was this a great learning experience, but I also got to watch professional baseball almost everyday. No two days were the same during my internship experience. One day I could be welcoming a new player to the team and the next day I would be taking batting practice with the team. This internship is one that I will never forget and I am grateful for all the things that I have learned from this experience.