This window contains TWO summaries of internships with the Sioux Falls Stampede

Kristin Clark (Class of 2010) Throughout the course of the Sioux Falls Stampede’s season, I was given the opportunity to experience many different aspects of how a professional sports team operates.  In the small market setting of Sioux Falls, I was able to get a better understanding of the business side of sports, particularly the team’s promotions.  I spent game days setting up and performing a variety of promotion-related activities, including each intermission’s on-ice promotion.  I also was part of the game-day operations, which involved preparing national anthem singers and other important persons for their job at that night’s game.  Some hours were spent in the office, helping with promotional materials and writing scripts for upcoming games.  I finished the season by organizing and running a youth hockey league sponsored by the Stampede during the month of April.  The wide variety of tasks I was asked to complete gave me a small sample of the inner workings of a professional sports team as a business, and gave me a lot experience I will be able to bring to my next endeavor.

Nick Lehnen (Class of 2010) The Stampede game night internship is about building one’s experiences in the work place.  It shows and teaches sport management in a game setting.  Some of the things that the Stampede teaches are how to run a game operation.  Promotions and customer service are big parts of the game experience.  Before the game starts you need to make sure everything is ready and people are in place to do their jobs.  Second thing on a game night is make sure the promotions are running so that the sponsors get recognition and the fans are having fun.  Last is making sure everything is cleaned up.  If those things are put together correctly it creates a fun atmosphere for the fans and this is what brings them back to the games.  The Stampede game night internship is a good way to learn a lot about the business aspect of sports and teaches tools useful for the rest of your life.