This window contains FIVE summaries of internships with the Sioux Falls Storm

Austin Parks (Class of 2008) The Sioux Falls Storm is an indoor football team that is part of the United Indoor Football League or UIF.  The Storm has a long tradition of winning including wins in the past three UIF United Bowls. The Storm has also set a record for all professional football teams in that they won 40 games straight without a loss. Doing an internship with the Storm is a great way to gain tons of knowledge in management, marketing, and most of all sports management.  The fun and outgoing staff is there to help you with anything you may be having problems with. As an intern, I was given the responsibility of scheduling national anthem singers, coin toss participants, and color guards.  I was also able to manage and participate in on the field promotions during games.  One of the most rewarding parts of the internship was being able to go on sales and sponsorship meetings.  The Storm gives you the freedom to do so much that I would highly recommend this internship to anyone looking to get into sports management.

Kraig Kronaizl (Class of 2008) My internship with the Sioux Falls Storm was an amazing learning experience.  The Storm is an indoor football team that has played in Sioux Falls since 2001. They have had much success, winning three straight championships coming into the 2008 season.  The Storm organization is a great place to do an internship because of the friendly atmosphere.  It was very easy to make the transition from the classroom to work environment.  It was a great experience to learn how a professional sports franchise runs on a daily basis. My internship was with the media and public relations department.  I was give the opportunity to create the Media Guide for the Storm, and also was able to write numerous press releases during the course of the season.  The best part about this internship is that since it is a small organization, I was able to work with every part of the business.  Some other things I was able to learn were ticket sales and how important sponsorships are to a sports team. I was delegated numerous responsibilities during this internship, which made this internship worthwhile.  The internship has helped me develop many relationships within the community, and will undoubtedly help me with my future endeavors.

Matt Lien (Class of 2008) Working with the Sioux Falls Storm was a great opportunity for me. It allowed me to accomplish all of my goals that I set for myself. Not only did I get the joy of working with the young, energetic Storm staff, but I learned a great deal of the behind-the-scenes work of a sports franchise. I got to sit in on ticket sales, help with sponsorship sales, run on-field promotions and many other things. I am so happy that I was given this opportunity.

Matt Paulson (Class of 2007) The Sioux Falls Storm is an indoor football team that is part of the United Indoor Football League (UIF). The Storm has won the last two UIF Championships and last year had an undefeated team. The Storm organization is a great place to work on a marketing or management internship as it is a great environment to work in. It has a great atmosphere and it is also a very well organized and successful business. As an intern, I was given a lot of responsibility on different projects throughout the season. I was also able to learn how to market the team with a small budget and maintain good relationships within the community. I was also able to listen how to sell the Storm to a sponsor and learned how to close the deal. This was a great experience for me to learn the process of how a sports business is run, and I would recommend it to future students looking for internships.

Kristin Brown (Class of 2005) The Sioux Falls Storm is a great organization that is affiliated with United Indoor Football.  It is an amazing sports organization that has been around since 2001.  Each year, the Sioux Falls Storm has built on their successes, making their way to the championship game in 2004.  The front office staff is small in number, but the impact they have on the Storm’s success is huge.  I had a wide range of duties that spanned from simple tasks, such as answering telephones, to more challenging tasks, such as scheduling people to perform the coin toss, national anthem and color guard for all home games.  I was given the opportunity to experience first-hand what it takes to run a successful sports organization and what it takes to make a game run smoothly.  This has been an amazing experience that has undoubtedly helped me for all my future endeavors.