This window contains TWO summaries of internships with Sanford Health Foundation and Children's Miracle Network

Jeffery Anderson (Class of 2008) The Sanford Health Foundation, the fundraising arm of Sanford Health, provides an incredible internship opportunity. While there, I participated in events geared towards the Children’s Miracle network and learned about other fundraising activities associated with the Foundation. The polished and friendly attitude of the Foundation employees made it a joy to work at Sanford. Furthermore, professionalism was a major attribute that the employees stressed in the work. Given T. Denny Sanford’s donation, the upcoming years can only become more exciting for the Foundation and Sanford Health in general.

Kara Johnson (Class of 2005) An internship with Sioux Valley Foundation and Children's Miracle Network is a wonderful experience. It is great to be a part of a foundation that seeks to enhance the lives, health and hope of patients, children, and communities served by Sioux Valley Hospital. As an intern, the foundation offers you an inside look at fund-raising, marketing, event planning, and customer relations. Through fundraising, you will see the importance of networking, building relationships, and maintaining them. The Sioux Valley Foundation will teach you how to manage your time and organize events from start to finish. You will learn to work independently and for a diverse group of people. You will observe many different fundraising and event-planning techniques of the development associates and find out what kind of marketing and public relations technique you like best. You are able to work with both the foundation and Children's Miracle Network, which gives a broad experience and great understanding of marketing and event planning. Planning and attending events, writing stories, establishing endowments, and going through the marketing process yourself gives you the hands on experience needed to advance your skills in the business world. As an intern with the Sioux Valley Foundation and Children's Miracle Network, you will gain an extensive and enjoyable experience that will teach you valuable lessons to take with you when entering the workforce. It makes you feel great to contribute and help the lives of others. Being a part of their dedication to the work of healing is a fulfilling and amazing internship opportunity.