This window contains SIX summaries of marketing internships at Sanford Health

Yulia Preobrazhenskaya (Class of 2007) It was a wonderful opportunity for me to take an internship at Sanford USD Medical Center. I was able to assist in organizing such events as the annual Health Fair at The Empire mall, conduct web research, contribute to various photo shoots for different holidays and a commercial shoot for a new Trauma 5 ad. Taking this internship helped me to develop and enhance my com-munication and writing skills a lot. Also, this internship was challenging for me as I have never worked in health care before, and that is why it was interesting. Overall, I was very lucky to get such an experience.

Grant Feterl (Class of 2007) I recently concluded an internship with Sioux Valley Marketing and the experience was extremely educational and rewarding. As an intern with Sioux Valley, you will be given full responsibility for the completion of various projects including: market research, SWOT analysis, branding and ad designing. By participating in market research, interns will get an opportunity to see what consumer preferences are at the most basic level. This information is then translated into a SWOT analysis, where the strengths of the company will be matched with an opportunity to ensure success of an ad. Sioux Valley also will teach you how to establish brand equity and loyalty among healthcare consumers. Interns will also learn how and why advertising is so important to the success of branding. Occasionally, interns will be asked to brainstorm and give ideas for future events or ads. Interning at Sioux Valley was more than I could have expected. Being exposed to terminology and techniques discussed in the classroom is an invaluable experience. This internship is more than just stuffing and mailing letters, it is about honing your marketing and writing skills and learning the importance of hard work and dedication. Anyone who is interested in gaining experience with all avenues of marketing would enjoy an internship with Sioux Valley Marketing.

Christie Koehler (Class of 2006) My internship at Sioux Valley Hospital and Health Systems Marketing department was definitely a learning experience. There was always a large variety of assignments to accomplish. I was able to assist and organize community-wide events, a fashion show to promote heart disease awareness, assist in photo shoots for marketing ads, aid in live television interviews, and greatly enhance my writing and communication skills. It was a great opportunity for me to explore the integration of healthcare and marketing.

Jennifer Morrison (Class of 2005) The Sioux Valley Marketing internship is a once in a lifetime experience. As an intern, you will be working in the largest health care organization in South Dakota. Interning at Sioux Valley Hospital offers an inside look at media relations, advertising, creative writing, event planning and coordinating, strategic planning, buyer behavior and branding. Through media relations, you will see Sioux Valley’s relationship with the media, how often they interact with the media, the types of stories they do with the media, as well as the different types of media they work with. Sioux Valley will teach you how to determine which things to advertise and which advertising mediums to use. When working in the Sioux Valley Marketing Department, creative writing is important. As an intern, you will observe Sioux Valley’s writing style for the hundreds of materials that Sioux Valley prepares for multiple audiences. Interns will learn how to plan and coordinate many large events that Sioux Valley hosts throughout the community. In buyer behavior and branding, you will learn how consumers choose their hospital, their physician, and their health care services, as well as the processes and the philosophies Sioux Valley uses to achieve its branding success. As an intern at the Sioux Valley Marketing Department, I enjoyed learning about the many different aspects of marketing. I was able to participate in many projects, such as writing and producing an educational video for the Sioux Valley Cancer Center, writing and editing the Discoveries Newsletter for seniors, preparing a report to offer suggestions for improvement of the North and South parking ramps, creating cards to help consumers remember where they are parked in the ramp, attending press conferences, creating ads for the Argus Leader, as well as undertaking many other assigned projects. I would highly recommend this internship to anyone who is interested in experiencing many different aspects of marketing and anyone who wants to learn more about health care marketing in a large organization.

Lindsey Heyl (Class of 2005) During my time at Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Center, I worked closely with Mary Merrigan, who is the head of the Marketing and Public Relations departments. I completed 160 hours of work within about a six-week time span. Along with working with Mary on various projects around the facility, such as planning events, I was in charge of doing a few things on my own. I did things from creating banners to hang around the facility for certain events, to working with employee files. I also attended a regional health marketers meeting that I felt was beneficial for me. With most of my projects, no matter what the kind, Mary gave me instructions, and I went at my own pace to complete them, never hesitating to ask questions if I was uncertain of anything. As well as working with projects, I attended a few managerial-type meetings and learned a lot about the way the whole hospital administration community is run. I feel that my time as intern at Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Center was a very good experience, and I learned a lot that I will some day be able to take with me into my job.

Karla J. Sadler (Class of 2003) I completed my 160-hour internship at Sioux Valley Marketing under the supervision of Cindy Reesman. Cindy is in charge of special projects, such as any workshops, symposiums, or medical seminars. There are 18 areas of specialties within the marketing department including Cindy’s area. Because Sioux Valley Hospital and Health System is such a large organization, it requires 11 Communications Specialists to cover the 18 different areas within the system. The majority of my time at Sioux Valley Marketing was spent working on projects for Cindy. However, throughout my internship I was able to assist all 11 Communications Specialists on at least one of their projects. Being able to assist them allowed me to work on many different areas of the Sioux Valley Hospital and Health System. The projects I worked on ranged in difficulty from menial to very complex. This diversity allowed me to create a very impressive and comprehensive professional portfolio to show potential employers an accurate representation of my skills and abilities.