Sioux Valley Hospitals and Health System
Kyle J. Fricke, Class of 2006

The Sioux Valley Standards project involved the formulation of a set of best-practice documents for the entire health system. The project is a strategic corporate objective, spearheaded by the Executive Vice President of Sioux Valley Health System. These documents are a synthesis of industry accreditation standards, government regulations, and Sioux Valley internal policies. All employees, facilities, medical staff, and executive management of Sioux Valley Health System are expected to comply with these standards for administrative, clinical, and all other operational activities. The intern was responsible for researching these standards, formulating the best-practice standard, authoring documents, and organizing all standards into a manual format. The final document will be rolled out to all system entities and implemented following a review process by executive leadership and the Institute for Quality Transformation. These entities will be subject to periodic evaluation and audit for compliance with the standards. The intern worked closely with System Quality department staff, the Institute for Quality Transformation Director, and the Vice President responsible for quality improvement activities at Sioux Valley . Eventually the system intends to publish the Sioux Valley Standards, and anticipates that they will become a model for healthcare quality improvement and an industry benchmark for best practices. The project is the only one of its kind in the United States.