Security Savings Bank of Larchwood, IA
Kelly Koedam, Class of 2003

Security Savings Bank in Larchwood, IA offers an excellent opportunity for an internship. There are numerous opportunities for an intern at this location. It is a small bank and thus an intern will have an opportunity to be exposed to several areas of the banking industry. In the office, there is a compliance officer, a human resource manager, the director of operations, and two loan officers. In working with the loan officers, one would gain experience preparing loan documentation, reviewing requirements for loan applicants, and learning the lending process. The activities may include attending loan meetings with the loan officers, preparing documentation to be signed by and presented to the customer, nad putting loans on the mainframe computer system. The opportunities that would pertain to the director of operations are extensive. One might have an opportunity to work with depreciation files and investments that are held by the bank. There is also exposure to the creation of director’s packets that are distributed to the Board of Directors. There are also miscellaneous activities that are also involved, such as taking inventory of trust accounts, reviewing credit files, and reviewing or revising bank policies. There may also be an opportunity relating to human resources, even though this particular internship did not have very much exposure to that area.
The people in this bank are very friendly and willing to help an intern. The small town atmosphere and size of this bank provide an opportunity to be exposed to several areas of the banking industry and a direct relationship with the internship supervisor heightens the internship experience. It is an excellent opportunity for someone interested in the banking industry.