This window contains TWO summaries of internships at Sioux Empire Fitness

Mitch Lunning (Class of 2009) My Sioux Empire Fitness experience was interesting.  I was able to learn managerial skills in an athletic atmosphere that I enjoyed tremendously.  I was able to participate in most of the managerial tasks at Sioux Empire and was even allowed to do some tasks on my own.  I really enjoyed the freedom I was given to figure some of the assignments out, and I still was able to get help when I needed it.  Sioux Empire Fitness was a very friendly place to work, and I have enjoyed building relationships there with my fellow workers and their members.  I am continuing to work there even now.

Adam Schlee (Class of 2009) The internship offered at Sioux Empire Fitness is a great internship for anyone looking for a business internship. This internship was the most beneficial part of my college career. The manager and other employees were great when it came to helping me achieve the goals I needed to accomplish. My supervisor gave me the chance to work in every part of the fitness club. I had the chance to do work that dealt with sales, marketing and physical training. If you want some experience in any of these fields this internship is perfect, and I highly recommend it.