This window contains THREE summaries of internships with the Sioux Empire United Way

Rachel Amble (Class of 2007) An internship in the Sioux Empire United Way Marketing department provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn all aspects of marketing. The Sioux Empire United Way is a non-profit organization based in Sioux Falls that funds over 90 programs within its 42 agencies and touches many people’s lives throughout the community. During the course of my internship I worked on various projects such as implementing a year-round marketing plan for five major companies in Sioux Falls, developing marketing materials to send to those companies, researching and conducting focus groups to learn more about women and their giving styles, and much, much more. This internship is set in a dedicated and driven environment with a friendly and easygoing staff. I would recommend this internship to everyone wanting to enter the business world. Seeing how a non-profit organization impacts the community will change your view of the world.

Betsy Homan (Fall Semester of 2006) My Augustana business internship at the Sioux Empire United Way was a phenomenal opportunity that provided invaluable life experiences. I was exposed not only to the Sioux Falls business community, but also to the non-profit agencies that provide numerous services to those in need. Through my Augustana education and internship, I learned that the personal traits of hard work and passion for one’s calling in life will result in a rewarding, service driven life.

Michelle Graney (Class of 2002) Sioux Empire United Way provides a unique experience for students wishing to complete a business internship. It is best that the internship begins in the fall so the intern can become involved in the campaign process, which begins in the fall as well. Duties of the intern consist of completing and updating statistical reports, attending meetings, analyzing data, organizing material for special projects and performing everyday office duties and errands. The wide variety of duties allows the intern to understand the structure of a non-profit organization as well as understand the purpose of Sioux Empire United Way. The internship is a great opportunity to meet many local business professionals.