Splitrock Chironpractic Center
Amber Bollman, Class of 2010

The Splitrock Chiropractic (Brandon, SD) internship was a challenging and rewarding experience that allowed me to utilize what I have learned in the past four years at Augustana College.  I was able to take what I learned in the classroom and apply it to the business world.  This internship made me use skills that I already had and allowed me to develop new skills that are specialized for chiropractic medicine.  Throughout the internship I had the opportunity to interact with patients, work the front desk, learn about insurance claims, and observe medical procedures.  These different tasks helped me gain an appreciation for the complexity of a chiropractic office. Throughout the internship I learned about what it takes to run a medical office, and what it takes to be a doctor of chiropractic at the same time.  This balance is the key to running a successful practice.  I also learned about what goes into starting up a medical practice and the difficulties with starting a business from scratch. This internship made me realize that the chiropractic field is the right career choice for me.  Individuals who are considering running a medical practice should have experience with business, and should participate in an internship, like this one, in order to appreciate the time and consideration that it takes to be a medical professional and a business owner.  Because of this internship I now see that many times the business side of the medical profession is overlooked, but in reality it is a large part of running a successful medical practice.