This window contains TWO summaries of internships with State Farm Insurance

Alexis Clark (Class of 2010) My internship experience at State Farm Insurance provided me with a wealth of knowledge and insight into the insurance world.  I learned how various products and services are offered and used by customers and how important the marketability of these products is to the organization.  I received experience in many different aspects of marketing, including hands-on experience planning promotions for South Dakota State Farm agents.  I also received a lot of training on how to complete various reports and data analyses for executive and management teams that showed the production levels and status of all South Dakota agents.  I saw how these reports and analyses strengthened State Farm because they revealed activity by each agent in the state.  I was fortunate in that I was able to gain understanding of the insurance industry.  I would highly recommend this internship to anyone looking for a great educational experience.

Matthew Hastad (Class of 2008) State Farm employs an intern to work for a one-year period. Expect to work full time over the summer and flexible part-time hours during the school year with nights and weekends off! Job duties include organizing reports, creating web sites, one-on-one communication with agents, marketing ideas, and general office duties. Expect to travel and attend a variety of meetings that you will help organize and prepare for. You will work with a highly motivated, fun and experienced staff that will keep you on your toes and make every day an enjoyable learning experience. If you’ve ever wanted an internship that will truly equip you with the skills and techniques needed in today’s fast-paced corporate culture, then this is the internship for you.