Stein Sign Display
Stuart Stein, Class of 2005

I did my internship at Stein Sign Display (SSD) in Watertown, South Dakota. It is a retail sign manufacturer that serves primarily the local area and northeast corner of the state. My position was an account representative for the billboard portfolio. My duties included managing existing accounts with landowners and advertisers, leasing open billboard sites, and gathering market information. For the most part, most of the internship was self directed, but I did correspond with SSD’s expeditor on numerous occasions. The best part of the internship was succeeding at the goals that SSD had for me. When I started, there were 25 sites that needed to be leased and by the time I was finished, I found 6 new sites for billboards and leased 27 of 31 throughout the state. My least favorite part of the internship was making hundreds of phonecalls day after day. It was a very time consuming part of my job but also an essential part. I enjoyed meeting with potential customers as opposed to calling them.
Overall, I would recommend this type of internship to someone that is interested in the sign industry. It was extremely rewarding for me because I plan to establish my career in the sign industry one day.