Wild Water West
Rachelle Konz, Class of 2004

This internship incorporates several aspects of sales and marketing. The intern is primarily responsible for the entire process of planning a variety of group events. These groups include corporate picnics, birthday parties, youth group outings, schools, and family reunions. The intern organizes several aspects of group events, such as catering and entertainment needs. The intern is the primary sales person, which means that he or she must make initial contact, mail proposal letters and contracts, and stay in touch with a lead from the potential group. Once a sale is made, it is the intern’s job to organize and plan the event, ensuring that everything runs smoothly on the actual day. Then, the intern will calculate the final numbers and bill the group. Finally, it is essential to maintain a friendly relationship with customers to ensure that they will return in the future.
The intern is also responsible for several other promotions, such as the "Hotel Incentive Program" and the "Ticket Consignment Program." These promotions are in place to attract additional customers. The intern implements them; he or she is in charge of selling the programs to local businesses, organizing those companies that participate, and ensuring that the proper incentive awards are sent to each location.