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E-Learning Products

Product (Company) URL
ANGEL (CyberLearning Labs, Inc.) http://www.cyberlearninglabs.com
Anlon Academic (Anlon)
(Note: This product, in an earlier form, was called "Intrakal".)
Aspen Enterprise Learning Platform (Click2Learn) http://www.click2learn.com
Blackboard e-Education Suite (Blackboard)  http://www.blackboard.com
Connected Learning (Connected Learning) http://www.connectedlearning.com
Convene.com (Convene.com) http://www.convene.com/
Collegis (Collegis) http://www.collegis.com
(Note:  This product was purchased by Blackboard and is no longer available.)
Cyberclass (eInstruction)
(Note: Formerly HyperGraphics)
DotLearn (.learn) http://www.dotlearn.com
Desire2tLearn http://www.desire2learn.com
eCollege (eCollege)
(Note: Formerly RealEducation)
eSocrates (eSocrates) http://www.esocrates.com
eWebUniversity.com (eWebUniversity.com) http://www.eWebUniversity.com
Education to Go (Education to Go) http://www.ed2go.com
Educator (Ucompass.com) http://www.ucompass.com
Eduprise http://www.eduprise.com
Element K (Element K) http://www.elementk.com
Embanet (Embanet) http://www.embanet.com
FirstClass (Centrinity)
(Note: This product was formerly from SoftArc.)


IBM Global Campus http://www.ibm.com/solutions
IntraLearn (IntraLearn) http://www.intralearn.com
Jenza Educator (Jenzabar) http://www.jenzabar.com
JonesKnowledge.com (JonesKnowledge.com) http://www.jonesknowledge.com
LearnerWeb (MaxIT) http://www.maxit.com
Learning Space (Lotus) http://www.lotus.com/education
Lectora (Trivantis) http://www.trivantis.com
Manhattan Virtual Classroom (Western New England College)
(Note: This product is free)
MentorWare (MentorWare) http://www.mentorware.com/
Moodle http://www.moodle.org/
Prometheus (George Washington University) http://www.prometheus.com
Sakai (U of Mich., Indiana U, MIT, Stanford, uPortal Consortium, Open Knowledge Initiative (OKI) with support of Mellon Found.)
(Note: This product is open source)
Southrock (Southrock) http://www.southrock.com
SCT (SCT) http://www.sct.com
The Learning Manager (TLM Corp.) http://www.thelearningmanager.com
Theorix (Theorix) http://www.theorix.com
ThinkTanx (Viviance) http://www.viviance.com
TopClass (WBT Systems) http://www.wbtsystems.com/
Vcampus (Vcampus)
(Note: Formerly University Online)
WBT Manager (Integrity Learning) http://www.ielearning.com
Web Course in a Box (Mad Duck)
(Note: This product has merged with Blackboard)
Web-4M (JDH Technologies) http://www.jdhtech.com/
Web Forum (Forum Enterprises, Inc.) http://www.ForumInc.com
WebCT http://www.webct.com
WebMentor Enterprise (Avilar) http://www.avilar.com


If you know of other sites you believe should be listed here, I encourage you to contact me at gray@augie.edu


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