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E-Learning: A Moving Target (Syllabus 8/02)
Web Tool for Comparative Analysis of Online Educational Delivery Applications
(This is a useful site!)
Athabasca University's Collaborative Tools Evaluation Site
Conferencing Software for the Web (David Wooley's Thinkofit site)
Web Conferencing software(David Strom's site)
Learning Standards and Acronyms

Centre for Educational Technology Interoperability Standards
Web-Based Instruction Tools (Syllabus 9/98 )

Lessons Learned: eWeek Labs grades tools that build lessons for distance learners
Web Class Assessment(William Gaud, Northern Arizona University)
The NODE learning technologies network
Badrul Khan's Webpage
Mike's Master Index of WWW Sites
HCIzine Special Issue on Web-Based Instruction
Effective Use of the Web for Education: Design Principles and Pedagogy
Evaluation of Information Sources
Designing a Virtual Classroom
Impact of College-level Courses via Asynchronous Learning Networks
Effectively Using Electronic Conferencing
Conceptual Frameworks for Network Learning Environments
The Faculty Connection Home Page
Maintaining Academic Integrity in Web-Based Instruction
Ascilite Paper: The WWW as an Interactive Learning Environment
Micro White Paper: Asynchronous Learning
ALN Web Homepage
Collaboration in the Classroom and Over the Internet
Online Report on Pedagogical Techniques for Computer-Mediated Communication
Principles of Good Practice for Distance Learning Programs

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