(Back: Geoff, Sydney. Front: Doug, Andrew, Guthrie, Georgia, Jessica with grandchild Tyler)

(BTW, this is a VERY old picture, since Andrew just turned 11, Sept. 20, 2010!, and my two youngest grandchildren aren't even pictured!)

Geoffrey (now 31) was a National Merit Scholar. He spent a year at NYU and one at USD. College didn't quite suit him. He spent some time as a baker in Santa Cruz, CA, where he picked up playing the banjo! He is now back in Vermillion and in partnership with Nick Koster has a sustainable building company, Greenfield Builders. Geoff and Sarah have one child, Charlie (not pictured) who is nearly two.

Jessica (now 29) graduated in 2000 from Washington High School in  Cherokee, Iowa. You can visit her homepage at members.tripod.com/jessical_kronaizl/index.html. Having never done any programming before, she created her page in one Saturday on Tripod.com using its quickstart utility. She quickly jumped to the advanced level, and is writing her own html code, and using it to share her poems and love of butterflies. She had a little boy, Tyler, on October 1, 2001 (a VERY digital bithday - 10.1.01 ;-) He is a living doll and nothing short of a miracle! She also has a little girl (not pictured), Alayna, who is one.

Guthrie (now 28) graduated from Vermillion High School in 2001. He and his cousin, Jonah,spent time in Thailand with a work-study program during the summer of '00. They taught English as a second language. They spent 9 weeks in Nigeria during the summer of '01 working with SERAC (Social and Economic Rights Action Centre) to help legally defend people displace from their homes through urban development. An avid black and white photographer with his own darkroom, he brought back many interesting and beautiful photos of the people and landscape. Guthrie is also a musician, playing saxophone, bass, and guitar. He graduated in May of 2005 from St. John's College in Santa Fe, NM. He graduates this May with his Master's from the John's Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

Georgia (now 24) graduated May of 2005 from Vermillion High School.  She loves to dance (ballet, pointe, character, modern and jazz), and taught ballet at Heart and Soul. At home, she is always reading a book (although she does take breaks to eat and sleep ;-)  She also plays piano and saxaphone. She graduated May 2009 with a Bachelor's in English Literature from Skidmore in Saratoga Spring, NY. She will graduate with a Master's in Education this May. ( She'll be a GREAT teacher!)

Douglas (now 17) graduates this May from Vermillion High School. He was recently given a full ride scholarship to Columbia University in NY. He wants to be a diplomat!

Sydney (now 14) is a freshman at Vermillion High School. She's an avid "Facebook-er" (what 14-year-old isn't?) She runs long distance track and wants to be a pediatrician.

Andrew (now 10) is the youngest. He attends St. Agnes. He enjoys flying model airplanes and drawing.

(Full family, with grandchild, Tyler)

(All seven kids)

(All seven kids PLUS grandchild, Tyler)

(Jessica and Tyler)
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My Story...

To read the story of how I nearly aborted my first child, Geoffrey, visit Vanderbilt Students for Life.
Click the "Stories" link and then click "Sharon's Story" under the heading, "A Baby Saved."
(Here are some pictures of Geoffrey as a child and as an adult.) I am incredibly grateful that I cancelled my appointment for an abortion. I share my story in the hope it will help others. You can also read my story at http://student.augie.edu/~lifealliance/My%20Story%20of%20Geoff.htm

I am a long-time member of the group, Feminists for Life.

Some other sites I strongly recommend are:

You can also visit Augustana's Life Alliance website at http://student.augie.edu/~lifealliance It has links to lots of good pro-life resources on the life links page, http://student.augie.edu/~lifealliance/lifelinks.html


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