Government and International Affairs

Prominent Department Alumni

The following sample of department alumni provides an indication of the careers pursued and positions achieved by our graduates. It is a mere snapshot in time as well-educated, capable, and successful professionals sometimes change jobs and even careers. In fact it is often their liberal arts education background which gives them that flexibility and versatility.

Jarret M. Brachman ('00)
U.S. Military Academy at West Point, NY
Director of Research Combating Terrorism Center

Loren Cass ('91)
Auburn, MA
Assistant Professor of Political Science, College of Holy Cross

Thomas J. Erickson ('84)
Washington, DC
Chairperson, Commodity Futures Training Commission

Wade Fauth ('80)
Grand Rapids, MN
Senior Program Officer, Blandin Foundation

Bill Hughes ('81)
Bethesda, MD
Assistant for Policy to Speaker of U.S. House of Representatives Dennis Hastart

Jim Johnson ('80)
White Bear Lake, MN
Assistant General Council, Xcel Energy

David L. Lillehaug ('76)
Minneapolis, MN
Attorney, Private Practice
Former U.S. Attorney General for the State of Minnesota

Douglas B. Loon ('86)
Eden Prairie, MN
Vice President, Regional Affairs, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Matthew C. Moen ('80)
Vermillion, SD
Dean, USD School of Liberal Arts

Nadya Nedelsky('93)
St. Paul, MN
Assistant Professor of International Studies, Macalester College

Per Pharo ('94)
Oslo, Norway
Director Defense Policy and Planning, Norway Department of Defense

Wendy Underwood ('98)
St. Paul, MN
Coordinator of Federal Relations of the State of Minnesota

Scott Van Hove ('79)
Washington, DC
Vice President of Global Operations for Business Software Alliance