Government and International Affairs

Pre-Law Advising

Augustana College's pre-law advisor, Dr. Peter Schotten, resides in the Department of Government and International Affairs. The Government Department and the College have a reputation of producing some of the finest lawyers in the region. The Department emphasizes careful preparation for law school. Rigorous, appropriate classes are recommended in order to help applicants develop the necessary skills to succeed in law school. Dr. Schotten devotes significant time to helping students determine what law schools are best for them. He particularly emphasizes the availability of law school scholarships and the successful financing of law school education. Additionally, he teaches a class in helping students prepare for the Law School Admission Test. The Department has a highly successful record of law school placement for seniors applying to law schools. Government majors have attended Harvard Law School, Duke Law School, New York University Law School, and University of Virginia Law School as well as more local law schools including the University of South Dakota, University of Iowa, University of Minnesota, and Creighton University Schools of Law.

Students wishing to attend law school are not limited to this departmental major. If you are considering the pre-law program, it is important to select courses that will improve your ability to evaluate evidence, formulate arguments, think critically, and express yourself clearly. You are encouraged to meet regularly with the pre-law advisor to discuss which classes will provide the best preparation for law school. Specific courses in the areas of Economics, History, Business Administration, Communication, English, and Philosophy have proved particularly helpful.

Dr. Schotten welcomes appointments from interested high school and transfer students. Please feel free to contact him by e-mail (