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The Augustana History Program serves as the memory of humanity, and provides society with a common frame of reference. Whether Western or non-Western, the study of history presents a panoramic view of human behavior, enhancing our understanding of self and others. Introductory courses supply both intellectual enrichment as well as a foundation for other fields -- such as religion, philosophy, science, politics, literature, music, and the fine arts. Our history curriculum, furthermore, enhances conceptualization, analysis, research, writing, and even speaking.

Students majoring in history gain a unique historical mentality, including an understanding of the interpretive approach. By an open-minded yet critical examination of evidence, they progress to self-directed research and writing, mindful of pertinent methodology and philosophies of history. Majors may apply historical skills and perspectives by participating in various internship and study-abroad opportunites.

Some history graduates become secondary teachers, others continue training toward career in college teaching, archival and museum work, library science, law, public administration, and the ministry. The study of history encourages other majors to engage in occupations ranging from business to government, whether at home or abroad.


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Last Update: May 30, 2008