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September 6, 2006

Drew Alton Joins Physics Department Faculty

SIOUX FALLS Drew Alton begins his tenure today at the Augustana College Physics Department as an Assistant Professor, replacing longtime faculty member Karel Vander Lugt. Alton earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Iowa, a masters degree from Ball State University, and his Ph.D from Kansas State University. Since completing his graduate work, he has been employed by the University of Michigan at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (FNAL) outside Chicago. He specialized in photon detection in hadron collisions, and was a member of the D0 collaboration at FNAL. While at FNAL, he was the Co-convener of the D0 QCD physics group and the photon identification group. He was the coordinator for the commissioning and operation of the D0 central pre-shower detector and the Deputy Coordinator for the commissioning and operation of the D0 central fiber tracker.

As an experimental particle physicist with experience in neutrino experiments, Alton's research interests include the possibility of much potential work in the proposed Homestake Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory. This fall, Alton will be teaching Astronomy and Modern Physics.

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