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June 5, 2008

FermiLab's Result of the Week

Batvia, IL Russ Averin ('10) and Drew Alton's work from summer 2007 was featured as the "Result of the Week" at FermiLab this week. The work, which is submitted for publication in Physics Letters B, was described by an article in FermiLab Today as a search for "Things that go bump in the Dark". The problem is to carefully search for new physics (i.e. physics beyond the standard model) hidden in the huge number of collisions produced by the FermiLab Tevatron. The search done by Alton, Averin and collaboration groups potential unknown particles into two categories: zero electric charge scalar (spin-0) Higgs-like particles or vector (spin-1) particles like a Z-prime. By comparing the invariant Z-gamma mass spectrum with the predictions of the known sources of Z+gamma events, they can determine if evidence for something new exists.

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