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April 30, 2006

Vander Lugt's Career Celebrated

SIOUX FALLS A reception attended by colleagues, friends and family honored Karel Vander Lugt for his thirty seven years of service to Augustana College. Professor Vander Lugt, who earned his doctoral degree from Wayne State University, came to Augustana College in 1968 following a postdoctoral fellowship at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington D.C.

Professor Vander Lugt taught across the physics curriculum, but was particuarlly fond of teaching general education courses. He developed the current astronomy course and the popular "Atoms to Stars" class, which is a qualitative introduction to physics and the history of science based upon Thomas Kuhn's book "The Nature of Scientific Revolutions." He developed and taught special courses in acoustics, chaos, and war and peace in the nuclear age.

His scholarly work included publications ranging from solid state physics to galactic halos to an analysis of how faculty salaries correspond to tuition at small private schools. He was a visiting scholar at Cornell University and the University of Arizona.

Karel served the College in many ways, including being the chair of the physics department and the chair of the natural science division (1979-84). He also served on the personel and curriculum councils, the North Central Accrediation Steering Committee, and numerous task forces, including a recent one to craft the College's vision statement.

Karel and his wife Joyce plan to remain in Sioux Falls during thier retirement, at least when not traveling or enjoying their children and grandchildren.

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