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May 15 , 2005

Spring Picnic

SIOUX FALLS -- The physics department joined the chemistry department for a student-organized spring picnic on May 15th. A good time was had by all.

A highlight of the day was the paper airplane contest, won by A.J. Davidson. Scoring was a combination of time-of-flight and distance, with one second worth 20 points and one foot worth 1 point. The abridged final results are below.

Place Score Name
1 133.5 A.J. Davidson
2 131.7 Dan Chan
3 125.3 Kristen Wolter
4 110 Mike Amolins
5 107 Eric Wells
10 77 Nora Johnson


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Airplane contest winners A.J. Davidson (left), Dan Chan (second from left) and Kristen Wolter, (far right) receive their awards.

Kelsie presents Karel with the "whistle while you work" award.

Dan and Heidi chat with a wayward biologist.