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July 31, 2007

Augustana Sophomore Presents Work at FermiLab

Batvia, IL - Agustana Physics major Russ Averin visited Fermilab today where he presented the status of his summer research project to collaborators in the D0 detector di-boson physics group. Russ has been improving on an analysis first completed by Augustana Assistant Professor Drew Alton in 2006. The new analysis has a number of improvements, including the use of three times as much data. Both searches look for a hypothetical particle that decays into a pair of bosons: the Z and the photon. The anaysis may be sensitive to the Higgs boson, but is intended as a model independent search for any particle that decays into a Z and a photon.

A separate analysis of this data set has recently been submitted for publication (See this link for a discussion amied at the general public.).

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