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June 29, 2004

More than 30 students conducting research at Augustana

SIOUX FALLS - More than 30 Augustana students are involved in research this summer. Twenty-two students are conducting research on campus, while others are involved in projects at other institutions.

Funding for the research comes from a variety of sources. Most of the money has been obtained by Augustana faculty. Students involved in research are paid. For example, students in research supported by the Biomedical Research Infrastructure Network receive $3,200 for 10 weeks of research.

Eleven Augustana faculty members from the departments of biology, chemistry, physics, and computer science are supervising the work on campus.

Examples of the research being conducted around the science division include the study of maladaptive changes in cardiac muscle cells which result in congestive heart failure, understanding the mechanisms underlying stress-induced behavioral disorders such as depression, investigating genes that regulate the expression of gluten genes in wheat, and mechanisms that regulate growth in both normal cells and cancer cells.

Below is a list of the Augustana physics students involved in research this summer.

Student Faculty Mentor Funding Source Research Location
Kelsie Betsch, New Ulm, MN William Wulff National Science Foundation Michigan State

Heather Baxter
Walford, IA

Eric Wells ARAF Augustana & Kansas State

Nora Johnson,
Dell Rapids, SD

Eric Wells NASA Augustana & Kansas State

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