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Through the years, the College has produced talented and gifted educators who have made significant contributions to the teaching profession nationwide. Nearly 20% of Augustana's students are Education majors. Augustana graduates are elementary, high school, special education, and deaf education teachers; they also coach and direct; many are professors in colleges across the country. Augustana's commitment to teacher preparation is particularly critical as we enter the new century. There currently exists a shortage of teachers throughout the Midwest. In some areas of the country, the shortage is particularly acute. The College is poised to address this shortage through enhanced efforts to attract quality students who possess the talent and temperament to be quality teachers.

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  • Sharon Andrews, Chair
  • Julie Ashworth
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  • Evie Brouwer
  • Melissa Draganac-Hawk
  • Sheryl Feinstein
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  • Mark Hallenbeck
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