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The discipline of physical education has dramatically changed in the last two decades. Augustana's course offerings and majors reflect those changes. Our Physical Education Department recognizes the importance of balancing psychological, emotional, intellectual and physical needs. At Augustana, we have the unique opportunity and responsibility of combining many fields of study to reach the ultimate goal of health and wellness.

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Phone: 605-274-4312
Fax: 605-274-5298
Elmen Center (map, key #40)

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  • Sherry Barkley, PhD, chair
  • Mike Aldrich
  • Brandon Barkus
  • Tom Billeter
  • Christopher Bradford
  • Ashley Buckley
  • Brett Chambers
  • Brian Gerry
  • Bill Gross
  • Tracy Hellman
  • Jeff Holm
  • Tim Huber
  • Angie Hummel
  • David Krauth
  • Greta Melsted
  • Steve Olinger
  • Jayden Olson
  • Jason Reitmeier
  • Brad Salem
  • Mark Stavenger