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Many of the questions that tantalize us are questions about people in groups. Why do lovers quarrel? What makes for a stable family? Why is there so much poverty in the U.S.? How do people experience aging and gender in America? Has America become more tolerant over time? How do different cultures approach food scarcity? Why are U.S. prisons so overcrowded?

Sociology as a discipline attempts to answer these questions by using the tools of science. Those tools start out with one's fresh, inquisitive nature. Ask questions! Examine circumstances carefully! Develop some guesses about the relationships among things, and then, most of all, seek evidence to support or refute those presumptions. Second, sociologists build upon the thinking and theoretical frameworks that sociologists have generated as historical contributions to the life of the science. And third, the discipline of sociology fosters a perspective on the world--a lens through which to examine social processes and the link between personal experience and the larger social reality.

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