"Gender Studies not only applies to those of minority genders or sexual identities, but to all people living in our society. College is such a great place to learn about those around you, so you know and appreciate them better."
-Jacquelyn Strey,
Class of 2008

"Many Augustana professors have done everything they could to ensure that I would graduate with my Gender Studies minor."
-Jeri Light,
Class of 2006

The Gender Studies Minor at Augustana

Gender is a central lens through which we view the world. Through the interdisciplinary minor in Gender Studies, men and women learn to analyze the ways in which notions of gender, race, class, and sexuality shape the world, and the ways in which the world, in turn, shapes these notions. As this is an interdisciplinary field, students with a Gender Studies minor find that their future study and careers are enhanced by this work and may go on to further study in the Arts, Humanities, and Sciences, or to careers in Education, Health, Public Policy, Ministry, Counseling, Law, or any number of other areas. Thus, the minor enriches study in all other areas.

What is Gender Studies?

The field of Gender Studies owes its beginnings to Women’s Studies, an academic interdiscipline which began to emerge on college campuses in the late 1960s as a result of the women’s movement. As Women’s Studies scholars began to broaden their focus to the study of women and men, some programs began to change their names to Gender Studies. Augustana’s Gender Studies minor is inclusive, comprised of male and female students and faculty studying men’s and women’s experiences, social realities, and histories.

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