Gerontology Minor at Augustana

Description of the Gerontology Minor

The Gerontology Minor is tailored to enhance many majors and reflects the mission of Augustana College. The thrust of the minor is an interdisciplinary one, drawing on coursework provided in a variety of disciplines that emphasize the liberal arts and pre-professional programs. Experiential/service learning with community elders and organizations which serve them is an active dimension of the Gerontology coursework.

The Program

The Gerontology Minor is composed of 18 credit hours. Nine of the eighteen credits will be generated by required courses. Aging and Society (Gero 120) serves as the foundational introduction to gerontology. All courses are offered regularly, although some are offered every other year. The core of the Gerontology Minor consists of these courses:
The remaining credit hours for the minor may be selected from the courses listed below:
Other Interim and/or semester courses with a "GERO" designation may also count toward the minor.

What is Gerontology?

Interdisciplinary, scientific study of the process of aging and its impact on society. Gerontology encompasses the physical, emotional, mental, behavioral, spiritual, and social aspects of the aging process.


For more information, send e-mail to or contact the Coordinator of the Gerontology Minor, Susan L. Schrader, PhD.

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