Photo Portrayal of Aging

The following photos depict the aging of a Minnesota man (1899-1995). The images are used throughout the Gerontology pages. What might the images suggest to you about this man, his life experiences, and aging?

school days 1910

courtship days photo 1918

marriage photo 1921

early family1 photo 1932

early family2 photo 1940

early family3 photo 1942

early family4 photo 1947

fisherman 1963

fisherman 1975

accordian player 1985

siblings in later life

feeding baby

fisherman 1995

96th birthday cake

grave of old man 1996

In Memoriam:These photos depict the life of William ("Bill") E. Prokopec, a brother, husband, father, and grandfather. He was a man who loved life, a good joke, time with family, and an energetic battle with a walleye. For the last 20 years of his life, he played his accordian ("Happy Birthday" for all with an occasional special addition of "The Old Grey Mare" for the ladies...) for friends on their birthdays.

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Last updated: April 10, 2008