Dorm Room

Living lives with purpose and passion.

The Endeavor Living Community is a new living community for first-year students centered on vocation — living out your passions and sharing your gifts to meet the needs of others.

Augustana is committed to building lives of purpose and passion. We are dedicated to finding new ways to engage you in exploring your vocation through service, leadership, and faith. Endeavor is one such opportunity.

Students living in Endeavor will be empowered to choose from a number of activities geared toward identifying how their strengths and passions will help them discover or more deeply understand their vocation. Meaningful connections with other students interested in discussions of meaning, purpose, and faith will lead to exciting possibilities for leadership within the community.

Community Highlights

As a member of this community, you will experience...

  • Regular time set aside for floor meals, fellowship and fun.
  • Additional structured opportunities to engage with professors and other leaders on campus.
  • A special emphasis on service, career and experiential learning.
  • Personalized assessments to help you understand your strengths, interests and the ways you can best serve the community.
  • Excursions to local businesses and organizations, identified in collaboration with students, that provide an insider perspective (e.g., healthcare, business, social services).
  • Opportunities to facilitate service projects and share learning with the campus community.

Participation in Endeavor will help you...

  • Navigate the important questions of vocation, faith, service, and the call to leadership.
  • Experience an environment that encourages curiosity and exploration around questions of faith, meaning, and purpose. No one has it all figured out!
  • Access multiple avenues to gain first-hand exposure to the workplace.
  • Increase confidence as you network, write a resume and interview for competitive hands-on learning opportunities.


Endeavor is located in Tuve Hall, offering a wing for women and a wing for men and updated rooms featuring new furniture and fresh paint.

How is this different from Bergsaker and Solberg Halls?

First-year students who live in Bergsaker or Solberg Halls can also expect opportunities to engage with other students living on their floor and in their building. Each wing of each residence hall is led by a Viking Advisor: a sophomore, junior or senior student who supports the residents of that floor throughout the year. A Viking Advisor is similar to an “RA” at other universities. While all of our residence halls provide support and programming, Endeavor offers an even more focused and engaging opportunity to first-year students.

Who Should Apply

Students who value...

  • A commitment to community and the belief that learning happens best when we listen to, live with, and celebrate one another’s diverse gifts.
  • An openness to trying new things and entertaining new ideas for the sake of one’s own learning and the community’s growth.


Please contact your admission counselor with questions about this opportunity.