Our English and journalism faculty care about the process of writing as much as the analysis of writing.

When you join this department as an English or journalism major, you’ll discover a challenging, interesting and accessible faculty whose doors are always open to help and guide you through Augustana.

In English, we’re committed to introducing our students to a wide variety of writers and writing styles, from traditional masters of British and American literature to the emerging voices of women and people of color to the classic and contemporary literary talents of India, China, Japan, Russia, Ireland and the Middle East. We also work to develop the talent of our own creative writers through workshop classes in poetry, fiction, drama and creative nonfiction.

The journalism program links the broad knowledge of a liberal arts education with the professional world through courses ranging from basic news writing to magazine writing, from opinion writing and blogging to layout and design in a multimedia context.

You will become a better reader, writer, editor and critical thinker who is not only prepared for editorial or academic careers, but also for work in law, business, government and more—because the curiosity and critical thinking skills you learn to practice here apply to a wide range of future careers.

Our professors bring their passions into the classroom. Their emphases are used to enhance the classroom experience.

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