Twin Cities Event: Augustana Thought Leader Forum

Event Details

Date: October 25, 2009

Times: 6:00 p.m.

Location: 317 on Rice Park Event Center in St. Paul, MN

Ticket Info: Tickets are available at . The $25 ticket includes a buffet of heavy appetizers, Dr. Murray Haar's talk, and a Q&A session.

The Augustana Thought Leader Forum will hit the road this fall, traveling to the Twin Cities on Monday, October 26.

This fourth installment of the Thought Leader Forum series focuses on the topic: "Violence in the Name of Religion."

Dr. Haar, Professor of Religion at Augustana, will address "The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict."

The evening will begin at 6:00 p.m. at the 317 on Rice Park Event Center in Saint Paul, MN. Tickets, available at, are $25 and include Dr. Haar's talk, a Q&A session, and a buffet of heavy appetizers. This event is open to the public.

Catch a sneak peek of Dr. Haar's forum, as presented in Sioux Falls on Wednesday, September 23:

Dr. Murray HaarDr. Murray Haar is the Chair of the Department of Religion, Philosophy and Classics and teaches courses dealing with Judaism and Islam, the Holocaust and Religion, Politics and Violence. He has published a number of articles dealing with the implications for religious faith/theology after the Holocaust, the relationship between the Holocaust and the State of Israel, and the effect of the Holocaust on Biblical interpretation and exegesis from both Jewish and Christian perspectives. He is presently working on a book dealing with inter-religious political dialogue between Jews, Christians and Muslims, as well as between Israelis and Palestinians. In particular Dr. Haar is investigating the question of how believers from varying traditions can respectfully disagree without eventually trying to kill each other.

For some years Dr. Haar, along with Drs. Sandra Looney and Peter Schotten taught a Capstone course entitled: Light in the Darkness: Courage and Evil in the 20th Century. These three professors were invited to address a conference at Yad Vashem, the Israeli memorial to the Holocaust, based on the work they had done in this course. Dr. Haar has frequently traveled to Israel and was most recently there in March of this year following the recent Israeli-Hamas conflict. He has also taken students to Israel to help them understand the political and religious situation in the region.

Recognized as one of the College's most interesting, challenging and dynamic professors, he has received numerous teaching awards, among them: the Burlington Northern Award for Outstanding Teaching, (1988); the Thomas H. Brown Distinguished Service Award (1994); the John P. Kohlmeier Distinguished Teaching award, (2002); and the Richard Niebuhr Award for Outstanding Teaching, (2005). During 1990-1993, Dr. Haar served as the Stanley L. Olson Chair of Moral Values.

Dr. Haar holds a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from Union Theological Seminary in Richmond, Virginia.

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