Marcia Entwistle

Dr. Marcia S. Entwistle '83 (Chair)
Associate Professor


Dr. Entwistle received her Ph.D. from the University of South Dakota. She teaches courses in Management Information Systems, Systems Analysis, and Computer Programming. The primary focus of her research is Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Dr. Entwistle shares a joint appointment between the departments of business administration and computer science. Her advising interests include helping students seeking careers combining business and technology. Dr. Entwistle also serves as our faculty liaison to our athletic department and serves as an official representative of Augustana in NCAA affairs. Her primary responsibility in this role is to advocate the appropriate emphasis on academics for our student-athletes.

Sharon Gray

Sharon Gray
Instructor and Instructional Technologist


Sharon Gray holds a Masters of Selected Studies in instructional technology from the University of South Dakota. She is the instructional technologist and also the WebCT administrator at Augustana. She teaches the following courses for the Augustana Computer Science Department: Word processing (Word), Spreadsheet Applications (Excel), Database Applications (Access), Presentation Software (PowerPoint), Web Page Design, Web Page Design and Publishing, and Social Legal and Ethical Issues.

Stephen Shum

Stephen Shum
Associate Professor


Stephen Shum received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Oregon State University. He joined the Augustana Computer Science Department in 1986. He teaches the following coureses: Computer Science II, Programming Languages, Java Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms, JavaScript Programming, Theory of Computation, Software Engineering, and Windows Programming.


Marlys Vant Hul

Marlys Vant Hul '94
Division Coordinator
Gilbert Science Center #212

Marlys has worked at Augustana for more than twenty-five years. She and her two daughters are Augustana alumni. Marlys is also the Science Day Coordinator, which brings about 300 high school juniors and seniors to Augustana every fall for a day of hands-on science experiences. Marlys thoroughly enjoys being surrounded by the very best students and watching them grow throughout their four years at Augustana. Marlys loves to shop, garden, and read. She also loves to spend time with her grandchildren, especially watching their sporting events.