German National Honor Society Welcomes Twelve New Members

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Augustana College chapter of Delta Phi Alpha held a dinner at the Fellows' Presidential Residence on Saturday, May 7. Twelve new members were welcomed this spring: Jacob Gaarder Bury, Mikal Ray Dickey, Katherine Marie Foiles, Sarah Anne Harvieux, Jessica Haugo, Marissa Erin Knaak, Evan James Livermore, Dan Mueller, Tin Yan Ng, Hannah Elizabeth Rogers, Kristyne Katelyn Walth, and Ho Yip.

Other Delta Phi Alpha members who attended the event were Alexander Buffie, Kylie Dummer, Alex George, Heidi Rittenhouse, Nick Seliski, and Dr. Arlen Viste, honorary member of Delta Phi Alpha.

The dinner was preceded by two senior project presentations: Heidi Rittenhouse presented "Hitlers Obersalzberg" and Tin Yan Ng presented "Goethes 'Erlkönig': Die Vertonung."

Eta Delta, the Augustana chapter of Delta Phi Alpha, honors its members and their successful study of German language, culture, and civilization with a dinner event every semester. The advisor of Eta Delta is Dr. Stephan Lhotzky, Professor of German.