Giving Priorities

Campaign priorities include:

Endowment Support

Our success in building the endowment will enhance all of Augustana. Targets of support include:  increasing student scholarships, funding distinguished faculty positions, offering professional growth opportunities, and creating funds of excellence to support and grow academic programs of significant interest, impact and importance.

Science Project

New construction and strategic remodeling will strengthen and build capacity within a Center of Excellence at Augustana: the Natural Sciences. New and improved facilities will combine with endowment support for faculty and students to ensure the future of these nationally recognized programs.

Mikkelsen Library

Dedicated in April 2009, Mikkelsen Library underwent a complete redesign and reconstruction of the interior which now provides an impressive new level of technology application, individual and collaborative space design, resource availability and service capabilities. It has become a very special destination on campus.

Athletic Facilities

Intercollegiate athletics have always been a point of pride at Augustana. The Viking spirit has come alive on three new venues of competition: Kirkeby-Over Football Stadium, the Morstad Soccer Field and the Huether Tennis Centre. With the completion of the Larson Track and Field Complex, Augustana will have one of the finest Division II athletic complexes in the nation. 

Annual Support

Annual givers are vital to the future of Augustana. Near and far, our alumni and friends will be asked to participate in gathering support that is needed to implement institutional priorities and capitalize on emerging opportunities. As more and more alumni choose to join us, we will open the door to new academic programming, administrative efficiencies and strategies to build a margin of excellence in all we do — ultimately to benefit our students and their experience at Augustana.