Augustana Fund President's Society

Gifts to the Augustana Fund of $1,000 or more are honored by membership into the Augustana Fund President’s Society (formerly the President's Club). The President’s Society is the annual giving society created to recognize and honor those who make a leadership contribution to our annual campaign. Please contact the Director of the Augustana Fund and Annual Giving to learn how you can become a President's Society member.

2013-2014 President’s Society Members:

Dr. Jason '94 and Jill '93 (Weber) Aanenson
Micah '04 and Jaclyn '05 (Sutton) Aberson
Robert '62 and Marilyn '62 (Ching) Abraham
Rev. Carl and Janelle '65 (Paganini) Adler
American Center for Philanthropy
Dr. Loren and Mavis Amundson
Anderson Brothers
 Dennis '78 and Julie '79 (Fodness) Anderson
Deron '91 and Maureen Anliker
Augustana Advocate
Arlene Bendix
Ralph '49 and Anita Bergeland
Vice Admiral Lyle Bien '67
Dr. Matt '92 and Darcie '92 (Stevermer) Bien
Fred and Janet '69 (Hanson) Bliefernich
Gelsomina Brock
Lilo (Carlson) Bucknell '79
Dr. John Bylsma
Simon and Susie Chang
Dave and Kelli '07 (Johnson) Cloutier
Nathan and Mary Dally
Thomas '83 and Leisa Davis
Ardis (Greguson) Dexter '48
Rev. Norris '58 and Carolyn '58 (Baalson) Einertson
Rev. Norman '51 and Clarice '52 (Pederson) Eitrheim
James and Julie Espeland
Larry Everett
Frank and Patricia Farrar
Robert '92 and Dr. Erin Fouberg
James '70 and Marcia '74 (Andert) Fry
Drs. Greg and Corrine '72 (Mikkelson) Ganske
G. Joyce (Svalstad) Gebhardt '49
Carl and Ann '90 (Hofmann) Ghattas
Gregg '93 and Jennifer '95 (Pederson) Gohl
Vance '72 and Sherry '72 (Bormann) Goldammer
Nathan '03 and Heidi '03 (Bratland) Golz
Steven '73 and Kim Grell
Dr. David '90 and Jodi '88 (Jons) Gubbrud
Richard and Barbara Gunderson
Curt '69 and Glenda '68 (Tarvestad) Hage
Paul Harmel '72
Jason '90 and Wanda '88 (Buitendyk) Harris
Rob '49 and Dorothy Ann '48 (Erickson) Harum
William Harvey '59
Ila Heikes
James Hendricks and Ruth Quandahl-Hendricks '75
Myron '55 and Rosita Hetland
Dr. Dale Hoiberg '71
Tim '81 and Dr. Pamela '81 (Baker) Homan
Julie (Hubbard) Huebner '76
David Jahner '88
Matthew '00 and Dr. Beth Jensen
Dr. Ryan '01 and Gretchen '00 (Papik) Jepperson
Matthew '93 and Dr. Melissa '92 (Thompson) Johnson
David '79 and Carole '83 (Ahlers) Joyce
Dr. Laurel '73 and Jackie Kaddatz
George '65 and Gay '67 (Gubbrud) Kapplinger
Dan and Arlene Kirby
Joe '75 and Jennifer '93 (Frerichs) Kirby
Kevin '76 and Peggy Kirby
David and Julie '76 (Blockhus) Larson
Harriet Lerdal '63
Constance (White) Lund '57
John '90 and Jeanelle '91 (Robson) Lust
Thomas and Lois '85 (Van Dam) Martin
Maurice '43 and Shirley Matson
Dr. Gregory May '86 and Dr. Anne Wong May
Patrick '81 and Patti McAdaragh
Dr. John and Rhea '63 (Rollag) McBride
Patrick '74 and Kay McNerney
Thomas and Marilyn Meyer
Ron and Joanne '96 (Funari) Moquist
Rev. Kent Mueller '84 and Elizabeth Izant
Dr. Jeffrey '78 and Mary Murray
Dr. Carlyle '59 and Janet '57 (Dale) Naessig
Courtland '72 and Mitzi Nelson
David '73 and Rebecca Nelson
Joan (Wilson) Nelson '59
Joel '59 and Linda '61 (Loomis) Nelson
Michael '64 and Janice '67 (Vieselmeyer) Nelson
Richard and Susan '72 (Brandt) Nelson
Evan '65 and Lesley Nolte
Robert O'Connell and Kristine Kreiter O'Connell '79
James '77 and Sonja '78 (Devick) Odland
Dr. Mark Odland '43
Robert and Angela Oliver
Kirk and Suzanne '85 (Hunstad) Olson
Dr. Michael '72 and Deborah '73 (Hovda) Olson
Wayne and Elaine '75 (Nelson) Oolman
Dr. Omar Otterness '40
Jonathan '76 and Berit Oviatt
Dr. Frieda (Misch) Owen '51
Kyle '93 and Katie Pederson
Dr. Kevin '78 and Kelly Peters
Harold and Marilee Peterson
Richard and Jane Peterson
Dr. Craig '73 and Karen '73 (Mikkelson) Pfeifer
Steven '82 and Dr. Gina '82 (Waltner) Pfeiffer
Rev. Frank and Dr. Janet Philipp
Carol Ranschau
Dr. Jerry Routh and Dr. Cheryl Sawatzke Routh '71
Richard '77 and Candace '77 (Hokenstad) Ruckdashel
Dr. Paul '84 and Claire '84 (Mikkelson) Rud
Staci Schiller '93
Steven '74 and Cheryl '75 (Mallette) Schwarten
Thomas '89 and Melissa '90 (Wardin) Sebold
Joseph Simington '65
Jeffrey and Helene Slocum
Carolyn Smith
David and Sandra Solberg
Donald '59 and Virginia Songstad
Christopher Sonne '92 and Sheila Woodward '92
Alan and Judy '86 (Soukup) Spencer
Carol and Michael Spillum
Jim and Carolynn Stavenger
Ronald and Dr. Marilyn '67 (Hanson) Stember
Naomi Storsteen
John '92 and Dr. Rachelle Sutton
John and Lee '76 (Dykins) Thomas
Dr. Jonathan '89 and Mary '90 (McConahie) Toso
Thomas '72 and Kathleen Walsh
John and Patricia '67 (Laye) Wang
Jack '71 and Jean Ward
Arthur '54 and Mary Winden
Glen and Audrey Wintersteen

2012-2013 President's Society Members

2011-2012 President's Society Members

2010-2011 President's Society Members

2009-2010 President's Society Members