Highlights, Special Features and Opportunities

From the Pre-Med Club to the Biology Club, learn about Augustana’s campus-based and nationally-affiliated clubs and organizations you can participate in as a biology major.

Augustana's biology department is one of the more active groups on campus.

Biology News

Clubs and Organizations

  • Augustana Pre-Med Club is an organization dedicated to helping its members prepare for application and admission into medical schools, as well as providing social activities for students in health-related programs. Visit their on-campus page link.
  • The Biology Club promotes interest in biology and to increase appreciation of the sciences. The club will endeavor to provide members with opportunities for fellowship and self-improvement in the field. Visit the Biology Club page.
  • Augie Green works toward establishing ecologically sound environments on campus and the local community. "Go Green." Visit their on campus page link.
  • Beta Beta Beta is the local chapter of the National Biological Honor Society. Visit their on-campus page link.