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The information in your personnel file is treated confidentially. Only your administrator/Vice President and the President of the College have access to this file. It will not be released to anyone outside of the College without your written permission except to comply with certain legal or business requirements. Here are the guidelines for disclosing information:

Prospective employers

Information about current employees is not released without the employee's written request. In response to written requests for information about former and current support and administrative employees, administrators may provide references as long as the references contain objective, substantiated information. References that contain subjective/non-documented information may put the College at legal risk. Should you have any questions, please contact the Human Resources Department.

Subpoenas and court orders

You will be informed of such requests about information regarding you and the information legally requested, will be provided as necessary.

Benefit plans

Information needed to administer benefit programs (i.e., insurance, workers' compensation) is routinely provided to the outside contractors providing the service.

Commercial business and credit agencies

Business and credit agencies will only be provided with your dates of employment and job titles after the request is authorized by you. In addition, your salary will only be disclosed with your written approval.

Government agencies

Agencies with a legitimate need for information are provided with general information pertinent to your job. Again, your salary is not normally disclosed without your written approval.