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Employee Handbook

Augustana College Approach
Augustana Mission Statement

Employment Classification
Employee Responsibilities
History of Augustana

Support Staff:

Attendance and Punctuality
Definition of Support Staff
Hours of Work
Job Security
---Job Search
Meal Times/Breaks
Money Matters
---Compensation and Position Evaluation
---Compensatory Days
---First-Year Employment Annual Increase
---Long-Term Leave
---Merit Reviews and Increases
---Off-Hour Premium (Shift Differential)
---Personal Leave Days
---Promotion Reviews and Increases
---Sick Days/Short Term Disability Leave
---Sick Leave Lending Policy

Payroll and Paychecks
Performance Appraisals
---The Value of Performance Appraisals
---Timing of Performance Appraisals
Probationary Period
Problem-Review Procedure

Support Staff Personnel Council
Transfers and Job Posting
---If the College Transfers You
---Job Posting Program
---Transfer Availability
Corrective Action
Job-Related Problems
Requested Resignation and Release

Administrative Staff:

Absence From Work
Administrative Hiring Procedures
Administrative Overload Policy
Administrative Personnel Council
Administrative Reappointment
Definition of Administrative Staff
Payroll and Paychecks
Performance Appraisals
Problem-Review Procedure
Professional Development
Promotion and Transfer
Staffing Policy

General Policies and Benefits:

Alcohol/Drug Related Problems
Augustana Campus Learning Center for Children
Bookstore Discount
"Campus Cues"
Computer Laboratory Privileges
---Benefit Plans
---Commercial Business and Credit Agencies
---Government Agencies

---Prospective Employers
---Subpoenas and Court Orders
Dining Service
Drug Free Work Place Policy Statement
Employment of Relatives
Ethical Standards
Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action
Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993
ID Cards
Library Privileges
Outside Employment
Recreational Services
---Bomb Threat Response Action
---Personal Property

---Tornado/High Wind Procedures
Sale, Solicitation and Distribution
Sexual Harassment Policy
---Complaint Resolution Procedure
---The Appeal Process
---The Counseling Process
---The Formal Process
---The Informal Process
---Sexual Harassment Counselors

Short-Term Leaves of Absence
Sioux Empire Federal Credit Union

TIAA-CREF Retirement Plan

Time Off
---Emergency Days/Funeral Leave
---Jury Duty

---Military Training Leave

---Political and Civic Activites
---Religious Days
---Snow Days/Emergency Shut-Down Policy
---Temporary Hazardous Conditions
Tuition Assitance Program
Work Related Disability
Your Personnel File

Leaving Augustana College:

Leaving Augustana
---Death Benefits