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Employment Classification

Depending on your work schedule, you will fit into one of four basic employment classifications. These classifications determine which College benefits you are eligible for and are referred to throughout the Policy Manual. The classifications are as follows:

Continuing Full-Time

If you are hired on a continuing basis and work a total of 35 hours a week or more (regardless of how many days worked each week) you are considered full-time and are eligible for all College benefits. This applies to Administrators, Support Staff and Coaches.

Faculty are classified as full-time when they carry a 6/7 contract load per academic year.

Continuing Part-Time

If you are scheduled to work at least 1 hour per week but less than 35 hours a week on a continuing basis, you qualify as a part-time employee. Employees who work between 20-34 hours per week or 1,820 hours annually, earn vacation time and sick leave on a pro-rated basis and receive holiday pay for any holiday falling on a regularly scheduled workday. In addition, employees are also eligible for tuition remission in proportion to the work schedule, voluntary participation in the TIAA-CREF Supplemental Retirement Annuity, and Flexible Spending Accounts.

Temporary Full-Time

If you are hired to work on a full-time schedule of 35 hours a week or more for a specific period of time less than six months, you are classified as temporary full-time. While you are here, you will not be eligible for College benefits.

Temporary Part-Time

This classification is assigned to you if you are hired to work fewer than 35 hours a week for less than six months. There is no eligibility for benefits in this classification.

Exempt and Non-Exempt Employees

In addition to the above basic classifications, you will be classified as either exempt or non-exempt (Administrative or Support Staff). These terms related to the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act, which describes who is eligible for overtime pay.

All employees are eligible for worker's compensation and unemployment insurance.