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Job Security

Employees whose jobs have been discontinued are designated as "available staff." Attempts are made to transfer such staff to suitable positions in the College. This benefits both the employee and the College because it provides an added measure of job security, and it gives the College a resource of people who already know the College to fill new jobs.

Job Search

On the date that your job is discontinued, you will receive a severance benefit as described below:

SUPPORT STAFF -- Two weeks of pay for every year of service to a maximum of six months (26 weeks).

While receiving severance pay, employees also receive full benefits.

During this severance time, Human Resources will continue to search for a suitable on campus job for the available staff member. You must be available for temporary work assignments, training, or interviews as needed to place you in a new job.

If, during the search period, you refuse temporary work assignments, training, or an offer of a comparable job, you may be subject to release.