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Problem Review Procedure

This procedure is designed to insure that employees get a timely review of any job-related problem. It involves five specific steps of review, each at a different level of authority. Any problem brought to the administrator's attention need not go through all these steps. At the earliest point the employee feels a satisfactory solution has been reached, the procedure is completed. If this does not happen, the procedure would end at the fourth step.

Step One

When you have brought a problem to the attention of your administrator and it cannot be solved informally, contact the Vice President for Human Resources and he/she will provide a written summary of the facts. You will have an opportunity to read this statement and add to it if you do not agree with the way it is presented. This information will then go to your administrator's supervisor.

After reviewing the written facts and meeting with you or others who could help, the administrator will respond to you with a decision or recommendation within seven working days. If you are not satisfied, you can ask that the problem be reviewed further.

Step Two

The Vice President reviews the written summary of actions up to this point, gets any additional information needed, and may interview you to clarify the situation. The Vice President will send a written decision to you, with copies to others concerned, within seven working days. Again, if you are not satisfied, you can request the review procedure move to the next step.

Step Three

If you are not satisfied with the decision of the Vice President, the Vice President for Human Resources will arrange a review by the Problem-Review Board. The members of the Board will consist of five support staff employees who are named by the President after consultation with the Support Staff Personnel Council Chair. The board will review your case and make a decision.

Step Four

If any of the parties involved in a Problem Review Procedure are still not satisfied with the decision of the Problem Review Board, the Vice President for Human Resources will arrange a meeting with the President. Within five working days of receiving the written summary of the situation, the President will make a final decision. Copies of this will be sent to you, the Vice President for Human Resources, and other appropriate members of the administration.

Working It Out

Experience shows that job-related problems can usually be resolved if all sides are heard and open and frank discussions are held. The problem-review procedure helps in that process. Employees can use it without fear of reprisal and be certain their concerns will receive a full review.

To insure adequate time to review a problem, the time limits in Steps One through Four may be extended for valid reasons. Employees would be notified of any extensions.