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Administrative Problem-Review Procedure

Problem review assures each administrator prompt consideration of job-related problems by both an informal and formal procedure. Most problems can and should be solved through a frank discussion with the appropriate administrator/Vice President. Should these discussions not meet expectations, the following procedure can be used:

A. Informal Procedure

1. The individual shall set forth the issues and facts believed to be involved in the problem. This document will be given to the Director of Human Resources.

2. The Director of Human Resources will request a response to the administrator's charge from the immediate supervisor or the Vice President in writing within five (5) working days.

3. The Director of Human Resources, in consultation with the appropriate Vice President and administrator, resolves the dispute.

4. If the administrator is not satisfied with the decision of the Director of Human Resources, he or she may proceed to the formal procedure.

B. Formal Procedure

1. The President in consultation with the Chair of the Administrative Personnel Council will select five (5) administrators to serve as members of the Problem-Review Board.

2. The Board assigned to hear the complaint will review all information submitted by each party in advance and clarify to its satisfaction all points of argument to assure that only matters of substance will be given attention during the hearing. The following shall be issued prior to the review date:

a. Formal request to both parties to attend

b. Date, time, and location of hearing

c. Summary of problem to be reviewed, appropriate evidence, and list of witnesses

d. Procedure to be followed during the review

3. Within ten (10) working days of the completion of the hearing, the board will issue a statement in sufficient detail to enable all concerned to determine the basis of the Board's decision. All cases will be judged on the merits of the information presented, and the issued statement will normally include the following:

a. Facts presented during review

b. Applicable policy, rules, or regulations

c. Testimony presented

d. Mitigating circumstances

4. Within ten (10) working days of the completion of the Problem-Review Board an appeal may be made to the President of the College whose decision is final.